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Zardari asks Party legislators to reject Riwaj Act, seek transfer of President powers to legislate to Parliament

Islamabad May 17: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has called for transferring  powers of President and his Agent Governor KPK to legislate for FATA to the Parliament to empower the people and for ushering in genuine reforms in the tribal areas.

Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar said that after talking to media in Peshawar at the end of his 5-day visit to city the former President also asked the Party Parliamentarians  to reject the proposed Riwaj Act as against basic human rights besides being inconsistent with the goal of FATA merger in the province of KPK.

In his directive to Party leaders the former President said that making President and Governor as the sole lords of FATA and the FCR were two colonial instruments to keep the people subjugated. The twin pillars of colonial power structure must be demolished, the former President said in his directive.

During his visit to Peshawar Zardari also addressed a tribal jirga besides talking bout reforms in tribal areas in his press conference today at the conclusion of his visit, senator Babar said.

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PPP’s focus is on resolving people’s problems: Zardari

 PESHAWAR: President PPPP Asif Ali Zardari said on Tuesday that his party’s focus was on resolving problems facing the country and not indulging in a political fight with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Zardari was talking to reporters after visiting the residence of MNA Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, where he offered condolences over the death of the latter’s wife.

Former Chief Minister of Sindh Qaim Ali Shah, Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Khurshid Shah, PPP’s Punjab chapter president Qamar Zaman Kaira also accompanied Zardari.

“Pakhtuns have always supported PPP. We will continue to visit cities of KP,” he said. To a question, the former president said that during his tenure, he had paid more visits to China than PM Nawaz.

“I have seen no change in KP during my five-day visit to Peshawar,” he said while criticising the PTI.

“I have a long association with KP and Peshawar. Ghulam Ahmed Bilour has been a friend of my father,” Zardari said. “I have learned a lot about politics from Bilour. I have been encouraged by the warm reception I got from my Pakhtun brothers,” he said.

Later, Zardari also met parents of the martyrs of Army Public School (APS) attack.

Earlier on Monday, he had addressed the Grand FATA Jirga. While addressing the tribal elders, he had said that the rulers would face tough times if they did not help the people.

On Sunday, he had accused the federal government of being partial in planning the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects. “They have deviated from the provinces towards Islamabad. The rulers of the country believe that their ‘Mughal rule’ will continue,” he had said. TheDailyTimes

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Zardari terms FATA reforms package political gimmick

Vows to integrate FATA in KPK, extension of High Courts jurisdiction, end to FCR

Islamabad May 15, 2017: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the government was not sincere in implementing FATA reforms package and challenged the government to prove its sincerity.

He was addressing a representative gathering of hundreds of tribal people drawn from all tribal agencies and Frontier Regions in Tehkal in Peshawar today on the third day of his tour of provincial metropolis.

It took nine months for the cabinet to approve the so called reforms package on March 2. Now on the eve of budget Bills have been introduced in the National Assembly without bringing them to the attention of opposition or tribal people let alone seeking a broad based consensus on them, he said.

He said that the government will now pretend to pass the Bills hurriedly and blame the opposition for delay if it raised questioned whether the so called Riwaj Bill was re-incarnation of the hated Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) under a different name.

Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar quoted the President as saying that the amendment Bill brought by the government today was a gimmick to score political brownies on the eve of 2017 budget.

Zardari said that the PPP had flung open the door of reforms in FATA in 2011 and will carry forward the reform process once it gets into power after the elections.

A fundamental issue in mainstreaming FATA is the resistance of vested interests including bureaucracy which is loathe to loosen its iron grip on tribal areas, he said.

What is needed is to break the nexus between bureaucratic complex and Presidency to continue hold on tribal areas.

Once this was done all other issues whether merger in KPK, local governments and extending jurisdiction of superior courts will automatically follow he said.

He said that as President he transferred Presidential powers to the Parliament and opened up the reforms process in FATA.

What is needed now is to transfer the Presidential powers with regard to FATA to Parliament as well to move forward, he said.

This indeed is the PPP agenda and the Party will do it when it comes into power. The present government which believes in concentration of power is neither capable nor willing to do so, he said.

The office of President should not be the lord of tribal areas concentrating all legislative and executive powers in the hands of Presidency and its agent the Governor KPK.

This is a colonial structure to keep the tribal people under tight control and this structure must be demolished, he said.

The legislative powers in respect of FATA should be transferred to the Parliament from the President and the genuinely elected representatives allowed participation and self governance, he said.

It is a fallacy to argue that the tribal people cannot be subjected to the laws of Pakistan. The tribal people across the border are governed under the laws of Kabul and there is no conflict with the Riwaj of the tribes.

A large number of people from all tribal agencies live in settled districts of KPK and other parts of Pakistan and have no problem living with the laws of Pakistan. They also live and work in ME where the laws are even more stringent but neither their riwaj nor the traditional jirga has stood in the way.

He said that the committees of parliament and media be allowed to visit tribal areas to tear apart the shroud of secrecy that has been deliberately woven around FATA by the vested interests.

He said that the PPP government had increased the PSDP for FATA from 3 billion to 19 billion rupees, made changes in the FCR disallowing arrest of women and children in the name of collective responsibility, allowed all political parties to function in tribal areas.

He lamented that the PPP plans for Medical College Bajaur, IT University in Kurram , University in Kohat and a cadet college in every Agency was shelved by the present government.

Zardari said that the Party will continue to struggle for the merger of tribal areas in KPK, extending the jurisdiction of high court and supreme court to the tribal areas and for doing away with the notorious FCR.

The tribal jals was also addressed by PPP FATA president Akhunzada Chattan and party heads of all tribal agencies.

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Former President Zardari condemned murder of labors in Gawadar

Islamabad, 13 May 2017: Former President of Pakistan and President Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Asif Ali Zardari strongly condemning brutal killing of labors in Gawadar has said that it is terrorism of worst kind.

Former President in a statement said that labors were innocent and the elements that planned their murder and became facilitators of this heinous crime should be brought to book and be given harsh punishment. He asked federal and provincial governments to provide maximum compensation to the bereaved families. He also sympathized with the bereaved families.