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Asif Zardari condemns baton charge of farmers as brutal and unacceptable

Says PPP will stand by the farmers


Islamabad May 26, 2017: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has denounced the baton charge of farmers in Islamabad as “brutal, vicious and unacceptable” and aimed at teach a lesson to a community that the Nawaz regime perceives as outside his its political constituency.


In a statement the former President said that he was profoundly shocked and grieved over the baton charge on farmers who had gathered in Islamabad so as to be heard on the eve of national budget.


Instead of heeding the cries of farmers the regime chose to silence their anguished voice through brute use of state force, he said.


“It is a crime not only against the farmers but also against the nation for which the Nawaz regime will have to be held accountable and punished”.


Agriculture is the mainstay of national economy and the growing frustration among the farming community will undermine food security, he said.


Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the former President asked the party parliamentarians to vociferously protest in the Parliament and to reach out to the farmers and assure them of all out support.


He said that the PPP government’s policies of raising wheat support price and lowering tariff for tube wells increased the purchasing power of rural population, helped the country achieve self sufficiency in wheat and ushered in prosperity in the rural Pakistan.


“Meeting the legitimate demands of farmers is a peanut price for ensuring food security of the 200 million people”.


The present government has doubly harmed the farmers. “It not only neglected the farming sector but also diverted precious resources to politically visible projects like Metro bus in Islamabad for political mileage”.


Zardari also assured the farmers throughout the country that the PPP will stand by them and raise its voice for the promotion of agriculture and welfare of the farmers.


Not long ago the Nawaz regime committed atrocities against the tenants of farmlands in Okara and now the entire farming community has been targeted for victimization, he said.