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Senator Taj Haider dismayed over questions raised by Prime Minister’s family over JIT

Islamabad May 28,2017:  Parliamentary leader of the PPP in the Senate, Senator Taj Haider has expressed dismay over questions raised by family of the Prime Minister against the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) set up by the Supreme Court to investigate the Panama Leaks case.
In a statement today he said that JIT had been set up under orders of the Supreme Court to investigate charges against the Prime Minister and his family and report findings to it. It was for the Court to decide whether the accused were guilty or not.

Two senior most Judges of the Honorable Supreme Court have already pronounced ‘Guilty’ verdict he said. It is noteworthy that the other three judges did not exonerat the Prime Minister either but ordered further investigations, he said.
Senator Taj Haider said that the JIT must not fail in its duty to thoroughly investigate every bit of information and evidence placed before it. More importantly it must not appear soft on the accused whether by intimidation, coercion or inducement.By choosing not to relinquish his office on the face such damning indictment prior to investigation Mian Nawaz Sharif has exposed the high office of the Prime Minister and leader of the Parliament to public ridicule and embarrassment, he said.

“The degradation of the offices of Prime Minister caused by his refusal to step down to pave way for fair investigation is a matter of deep anguish and embarrassment. The Prime Minister is the leader of the House and his degradation is also degrading the Parliament”.

After making the fateful choice to be investigated while in office and then objecting to the proceedings of JIT tantamount to blocking justice, he said.

“Allowing himself to be investigated while holding office of Prime Minister was a disaster for parliamentary traditions; refusing investigation now is a catastrophe”, Senator Taj Hader said.

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Zardari greets nation on Ramadan

Islamabad May 27, 2017: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has greeted the Muslims on the advent of Ramadan and urged them to seek forgiveness of their sins and the blessings of Allah in this Holy month.

“The month of Ramadan is a month of fasting and blessing, which enjoins upon the Muslims to devote themselves to observe fasting and refrain from all evil deeds”, he said in a  message on the occasion.

“I wish to felicitate the Muslims throughout the world in general and the Muslim brothers and sisters in Pakistan in particular on the advent of the holy month of Ramadan”..

This is also an occasion to seek forgiveness for our sins and in submitting to the will of Allah, he said.

The former President said that each age and each society had to endure a distinct evil peculiar to it. The evil of our time is militancy, fanaticism and religious extremism, he said and called upon the countrymen to fight this evil to the end.

I also pray for peace all over the world. I pray that God will bless us and free our world from terrorism and help build an understanding between peoples of different religions, races and cultures so that our children can live in a world of harmony.

“May the blessings of Ramadan will remain with all of you for the whole year”.