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Govt, opposition haven’t yet presented name for NAB chief: Shah

ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah Thursday said the reports regarding appointment of a new chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) did not have substance, adding that no name had yet been proposed for the key slot.

Shah, in his statement issued to media, said he was in touch with all political parties and would expedite consultation after Ashura Muharram.

“I have held consultation with Tehreek-e-Insaf, besides meeting the prime minister. But neither the premier, nor the opposition has yet proposed a name for NAB chief,” he said, adding that only Jamaat-e-Islami has proposed a name for the post.

The leader of the opposition said that he would suggest a unanimous name to the prime minister after consultation with all opposition parties. “People’s party decides on national affairs through consultation, while in the past too we took opposition parties into confidence on such matters.”

He further said if the government and opposition failed to reach a consensus on appointment of the NAB chairman, then the matter would be forwarded to concerned parliamentary committee.TheDailyTimes

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Imran Khan is trying to hide behind his ex-wife

Islamabad, 28 September 2017: Pakistan Peoples Party leader Saeed Ghani has said that the nation wants Imran Khan to explain his financial corruption because he comes from a modest background and is unemployed for a long time but lives in a palace in Banigala.

Saeed Ghani said that Imran Khan story of taking money from his former wife resembles with the Qatari letter. Why his ex-wife did not give the amount directly to Imran Khan and why the money was given to some one named Shahid Khan. It means that his ex-wife did not trust Imran Khan to return this money. Saeed Ghani said that the day Imran Khan will tell the truth, he will be in Adiala Prison. Imran Khan was made cricket captain by dictator General Zia-ul-Haq, Saeed Ghani said.

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Press Release: FATA

ISLAMABAD 27 September 2017: The humans in FATA have no rights. The only demand that all tribes over generations have been repeating was for an access to basic rights with the provision was basic facilities, with the mainstreaming of this troubled strip with the rest of Pakistan. This was the consensual point of all speakers in a speech competition at graduation level students among all agencies students of FATA. Titled as the Status of Human Rights in FATA, it was arranged by Shaheed Bhutto Foundation (SBF) in collaboration with All Fata Students Forum (AFSF).

The young speakers were so passionate that one after another came to the podium and repeatedly pointed to the basic and human rights available to the citizens of Pakistan, with the impressive choice of words and expressions. Some even lamented that, the citizens of FATA were not treated even at equal levels with the rest of citizenry settled across Pakistan. Their unified message was singular that irrespective of any differentiation, the writ of rule of law must of extended to the FATA, and extensive reform package consisting short and long term initiatives be launched on war-footing as decade-long war is ending there.

Mr Asad Afridi, belonging to Khyber Agency and studying at Kyber Model College stood first and was awarded Rs 5,000/- in cash. Mr Zulifqar Ahmed of FR Kohat stood second, meanwhile Mr Alamgir Khan and Mr Nauman Khan belonging to Bajaur Agency stood third and fourth respectively and were awarded cash prizes including certificates of appreciation.

The panel of judges, comprising Mr Ajmal Wazir, Mr Taraq Waheed and Mr Qirat Rehman in their short notes thanked the organizers and contestants, with a reassuring message that such healthy and competitive activities and strives among youth in the FATA can reduce radicalization by paving the way for the peace and stability in the region and for the generations to come.

Earlier, Mr Sikandar Ali Hullio, CEO, Shaheed Bhutto Foundation informed to the audience that, the first round of speech competition took place in all FATA Agencies and for the second and final round, all the contestants and delegates travelled from respective areas, that was much appreciated by all attendees on the grounds that besides politics and conspiracies, the FATA and its new generation needed a respite and break where they could also opt for alternatives to utilize their talents.