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Former President felicitates democratic political workers

Recounts achievements of the Party

Islamabad November 29, 2017: November 30 this year marks the fifty years- the Golden Jubilee- of the founding of the Pakistan People’s Party. On this auspicious occasion I wish to felicitate all the Party workers throughout the country and overseas and indeed all democracy loving people. It is an occasion of festivities as well as of stock taking, reorganization and soul searching for all democratic political workers in the country.

This has been stated by the President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari said in a message on the 50th founding day of the Party on November 30.

The Party is proud of its record in the service of the people . Its slogan ‘power belongs to the people’ has shaped the political landscape of the country during the past half a century. Indeed it is ingrained in the consciousness of the people that will never be erased.

Apart from fighting successive dictatorships the PPP gave the country its unanimous Constitution, strengthened defence by giving the missile and nuclear program, created Council of Common Interest to give say to the provinces, gave collective voice to Muslim countries, won back the territory lost in 1971 and emancipated women, workers, farmers and the oppressed classes. It is the PPP that stopped India and Pakistan from going to war through Simla agreement. It is the PPP that protected the human rights of every citizen by introducing the habeas corpus for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

In the pursuit of its principles and ideals two successive Chairpersons of the Party and countless workers have laid down their lives. It is a record and a distinction in democratic struggle that has not been equalled– much less surpassed– by any political party in the country.

We believe that political change must come only through fair and free ballot. The Party has always rejected and will continue to reject manipulated power transfer. We reject re-engineering of political landscape under any pretext and we will fight against any attempt to impose religious apartheid in the country. We pledge to frustrate any attempt by un-elected individuals and institutions to usurp peoples’ power.

“I ask the workers to go out to spread the Party’s message of hope and deliverance. Spread out and tell the silent, demoralized and suffering people that a bright morning awaits at the end of a long and dark night. Tell them to come forward and support the PPP for the dream to come true. Gear yourselves to face the challenges that lie ahead. You are fated to succeed.”

On this occasion we also pay homage to the leaders and workers of the Party and all democratic political workers who have made enormous sacrifices in the course of our historic democratic struggle. When democratic workers were fighting dictatorship there were also those in the state institutions ready to submit before the dictators, taking oath of allegiance and providing dictatorship legitimacy. This makes our workers stand tall and their sacrifices even more glorious. The Party salutes all these valiant workers for their commitment and sacrifices made for the cause. The Party would not have been standing tall today without their sacrifices, he said.

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