PPP will not tolerate talk of division of Sindh

Oct 04 2019
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Islamabad, 03 October 2019: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf, MQM and GDA are conspiring to dismember Pakistan by talking against Sindh but PPP will not allow anyone to usurp provincial autonomy and rolling back the 18th amendment.

This was stated by President PPP Sindh Nisar Khoro in a press conference in Islamabad. He said that other provinces will also be divided if the talk of division of Sindh is continued. He said that 18th amendment was unanimously passed by the National Assembly and only after that it had become part of the constitution. If anyone wants to revisit the 18th amendment, then two-third majority will be required in the Parliament. There is no constitutional value of the bill presented in the National Assembly Kishwer Zehra of MQM.

PTI had not given any suggestion for 18th amendment because it was not even in the Parliament due to boycotting election in 2008. PPP wants implementation on 18th amendment but MQM and PTI are attacking the provincial autonomy and Imran Khan is playing a role of facilitator in this regard. PTI government is trying to hide its failure so it is conspiring against the country. People of Sindh will not tolerate any talk of division of Sindh. PPP will not allow anyone to roll back 18th amendment or surrendering provincial autonomy. He said that Sindh is not getting its due share according to NFC award moreover Sindh’s 2015 NFC award has not been announced. He demanded the announcement of NFC award and due share of Sindh in NFC award.