Imran Khan has divided one Pakistan into four

Jun 23 2020
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Secretary Information Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians, Dr. Nafisa Shah has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is making four Pakistan out of one Pakistan.

Dr. Shah said that one Pakistan is where Imran Khan, Aleema Khan and friends of the PM are above the law and accountability. In the second Pakistan political opponents are being victimised in the name of accountability. The third Pakistan is where the financial cronies of the Prime Minister are being given undue favours. The fourth Pakistan is where exploitation of labourers is continued and poor are being crushed and made unemployed like in the case of Steel Mills.

Dr. Shah said that the PM Imran Khan has neither the realisation of the importance of lockdown nor has realisation of destruction of Pakistani economy. DR. Shah said that the government would not be allowed to hide its failures behind corona virus. Imran Khan is limited in his vision which does not go beyond chickens and cows, Dr. Nafisa Shah concluded.