Surendar Valasai

Imran Khan staged Islamabad Hindu temple fiasco to divert public, world attention from his sheer incompetencies, failures: Surendar Valasai

Jul 19 2020
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July 18, 2020 Pakistan Peoples Party MPA Surendar Valasai has blamed the Imran Khan-led Federal government of itself damaging the image of the country through deliberately staging the Islamabad Hindu temple fiasco in an attempt to divert public attention from his stark failures.
In a statement issued here, Surendar Valasai stated that the entire world was fighting the deadly Coronavirus and many countries have isolated their most revered worship places and pilgrimages but Imran Khan planned to create a non-issue to divert public and world attention from his sheer incompetence and failures.
He said that PPP leadership works for improving the international image of the country through its inclusive and minority-friendly policies but the ruling PTI has tried to shatter this image through kicking up unnecessary controversies like the initiative to build a Hindu temple in the Federal capital. “Imran Khan knew that a single Hindu temple cannot cater to the collective religious and spiritual needs of its divergent, highly classified and variety of upper and lower caste ladders of population but he wanted to hide his failures at every cost,” the PPP MPA.
Surendar Valasai said that PPP earned laurels for Pakistan at the international level by strengthening and promoting the rights of non-Muslim citizens through different practical measures including representation in the Senate of Pakistan. “Today, PPP-led Sindh is the only province in the whole subcontinent where minorities have been given the largest representation in the Cabinet as compared to their population ratio,” he stated.
PPP MPA said that PTI government had no intention to build a temple but he invented the issue to send a very wrong message to the world about Pakistan in a bid to drift people’s attention from PTI’s political, economic vandalism and mega corruption in sugar, petrol, wheat, Malam-Jaba, BRT, medicines and other scandals. Otherwise, why would both who laid the first brick for the temple and bulldozed it within a day belong to the ruling party.