PM Imran Khan lives on donations for hospital

Mar 28 2019
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Secretary Information Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Dr. Nafisa Shah MNA reacting to the speech by selected Prime Minister Imran Khan said that PM should stop telling stories to the people of Pakistan and deliver his promises of providing 10 million jobs and 5 million houses.

Dr. Shah said that today’s speech also shows how less Imran Khan knows about his own country. The land which was saline four decades earlier is now mostly cultivated. He does not know that Benazir Income Support Program has been in place for the poor and widowed women of Pakistan which has been hailed internationally. This program is also replicated in several parts of the world. Pakistan Baitul Maal also serves widowed women, orphans, sick and poor population. Baitul Maal has a record of helping marginalized sections of society in peace and in natural disasters.

Secretary Information PPPP asked how the poverty alleviation could be achieved when the prices of petroleum products are going up every month and power and gas tariff has been increased during last six months. By exporting halal meat the poor will be deprived of meat in the country. The reality is that Imran Khan has never earned money through a nine to five job. His father had a job but had lost it due to corruption and did not leave any monetary inheritance, Dr. Nafisa Shah said.

The only known income of Imran Khan and his sisters is the donations collected by the people of this country in the name of Shaukat Khanum hospital. How a man living on donations could understand the hardships faced by the poor people of the country, Dr. Shah concluded.