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Deputy secretary information Pakistan Peoples Party, Palwasha Khan addressing a press conference at the media office PPP in Islamabad demanded the resignation of puppet Prime Minister Imran Khan and his ministers for hatching a conspiracy to create quarrel between Police and the security forces. If no action is taken then PPP will also ask Supreme Court to declare them disqualified.

Palwasha Khan said that if Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and the army chief had not been in contact on the issue then a big crisis could have been emerged. She said that now the report on the issue has been released which displays Imran Khan as a national villain. If Imran Khan continues to refuse resigning then the people will drag him out of the Prime Minister House. She said that Mian Nawaz Sharif is an aggrieved party in this case and if he rejects this report then he has the right to do so. She said that Sindh government inquiry report will be out soon.

Palwasha Khan said that Imran Khan and his coterie of conspirators were exposed by this report. Imran Khan was proved a liar and a conspirator by this report. Imran Khan had alleged that the people who abducted the IG Sindh were Indian and Israelis. This amounts to disrespect of our national institutions, she said.