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Islamabad/Gilgit, 16 November 2020: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has cancelled his return flight to Islamabad and decided to participate in the protest against the rigging in the Gilgit Baltistan Elections in Gilgit

Chairman PPP while addressing the press conference gave examples of rigging in the elections. He said that no polling was conducted in GB-13 constituency in the garb of rough weather. He demanded re-election in constituency GB-13.

He said that women were the disfranchised and not allowed to vote in constituency GB-18. So much so that the PPP candidate, Sadia Danish could not file her nomination papers in her constituency. Not allowing women to vote is denial of their freedom to vote and there should be re-election in GB18 as well.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that in constituency GB-21 ballot boxes were stolen. How the election commission can ignore this incident, he asked. There is no status or value of this election.

Sectarianism was spread in several constituencies to defeat PPP candidates. We will not allow spreading sectairinism and dividing and rule policy just to benefit government’s favorite candidates. Similar sectarianism was spread in constituency GB-8. He demanded re-election in all those constituencies where sectarianism benefited government supported candidates.

In the constituency GB-2 Jamil Ahmad won the elections but forcibly rigged counting against him so he lost just by 2 votes. The PPP will not accept this reversal of result. Forms 45 are not matching in this constituency.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the PPP has all the options and will exhaust every one of them. We will go to courts and also to the election commission. Chief election commissioners was biased that he addressed a press conference against opposition.

Chairman PPP said that the ministers violated the verdict of the court as well. When a prime minister can be sent home on contempt of court then why not the ministers of PTI government, he asked. He said that the ministers bribed people to vote for government candidates. They also announced projects during their illegal campaign. We are going to courts after collecting all the evidences of rigging. He said that he has cancelled his flight to Islamabad and will participate in the protest in Gilgit against the rigging. He said that these results are a joke and the people of GB will not accept them. They were so ill prepared that they do not even have a candidate of chief minister whereas he has announced his nomination for chief minister which is Advocate Amjad Hussain. He said that he is preparing to form government in GB. He hoped that by the morning he will be given all the seats back which were stolen from the people of GB. He said the rights of the people are being snatched and his party will protest till the votes are protected. He also said that he is aware that how two institutions were deciding these rigging sitting together. They were working against the PPP in that room. He criticised those journalists who were saying that he has come to GB after striking a deal. He said that his party was not given level playing field. We will not be satisfied by any lollipop and are preparing to form the government in GB.