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Islamabad, 6 January 2021: Deputy information secretary Pakistan Peoples Party, Palwasha Khan has said that insensitive prime minister Imran Khan is refusing to go to Quetta at a time when the Hazara community is waiting for sympathy from their prime minister, Hazara community is protesting for the last four days in extreme cold weather.

Palwasha said that Imran Khan sent a foreign citizen Zulfi Bukhari to Quetta to sympathize with the bereaved families. The government sent representatives like him who said in front of the Hazara people, that what good could the arrival of the prime minister do? This is not the type of tone that should be used with a community that has suffered so much and is hoping and looking towards the chief executive of the country for support.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Palwasha Khan said that an innocent student was shot down by the police force in Islamabad and the bereaved father of the student has said that Imran Khan is turning this country into a massive graveyard. She said that if the National Action Plan was implemented in letter and in spirit then the Hazara community would have not lost its loved ones. She said that the army chief and DG ISI should tell the nation why the National Action Plan is halted.