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Addressing a press conference at Media Cell Bilawal House, the PPP Chairman said that the issue of PIA plane in Malaysia shows where the country stands at the moment. There is a blackout in the country, but the government has no answer.

He said that Pakistan was lagging far behind the neighbouring countries in terms of vaccines against COVID-19. The government has not yet imported any vaccines, and the government will take the matter to the private sector, after which whoever has the money will be able to get the vaccine. He said the Sindh government had been told by the Federal government that the vaccine would be available by January, after which the provincial government had made all preparations. He pointed out that the instant lockdown initiated by Sindh government caused less damage to the country after the coronavirus epidemic, but now the only solution is a vaccine.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the people are worried due to severe shortage of gas, but the incompetent and incapable government is not aware of the problems of the common man. He said that Sindh should be given priority in the supply and supply of gas, which is its fundamental right. “Our islands and hospitals are being snatched from us,” he added saying the matter of hospitals is in the court, and we have already filed a review petition in this regard.

Responding to a question, the PPP Chairman said that the PDM would protest in front of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on January 19 and demanded that ECP should first take the case against the PTI to its logical conclusion.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, while referring to the presidential reference regarding the Senate elections, said that the Federal government has once again tried to make an institution controversial, and the court has no role in this matter.

Senator Sherry Rehman, PPPP Information Secretary MNA Shazia Marri and Sindh Information Minister Nasir Shah were also present on the occasion.