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Islamabad ; Central Information Secretary Pakistan People Party Parliamentarian & MNA Shazia Marri has said that election of the Chairman Senate was rigged yesterday which was witnessed by the entire nation. She said Presiding officer stole democracy yesterday and the Chairman of the Senate was brought on a rolling for the first time in history. She added that democratically and morally Sadiq Sanjarani has lost the election of Chairman Senate and the reputation of the Upper House was also tarnished by the malicious rolling.
She said Shibli Faraz trying to increase his height by wearing long heeled boots and he is a photostat minister of incompetent government. This she has expressed in a statment issued by her hereon today. Ms Marri said that those who made statements against former President Asif Ali Zardari through government’s hired spokespersons would face embarrassment. She said that former President Asif Ali Zardari is a symbol of democracy. She further said that yesterday’s illegal and fake rolling will be challenged in the court and it is not written anywhere that yesterday’s rolling cannot be challenged in the court. She said that during chairman senate’s polls, the presiding officer was showing loyalty to their Shahs.