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Islamabad, 13 March 2021: Pakistan Peoples Party leader and Sindh education minister, Saeed Ghani said that the information minister Shibli Faraz had said that the government will do anything to win the Chairman Senate election and his body language was telling everyone that he could break the laws and rules to achieve his goal and he exactly did that.

Saeed Ghani said this while addressing a press conference with Nazir Dhoki and Capt. Wasif at the PPP media office in Islamabad on Saturday.

Ghani said that there is a long list of rigging evidences in the Senate election. In the morning spy cameras were discovered on the polling booth by Senators Mustafa Khokhar and Musaddiq Malik. Those cameras were installed to monitor their own members. This was a criminal act by the government. It was a joke that when the government was caught red handed it started accusing opposition of installing those spy cameras. The Chairman Senate should have been dismissed along with the security staff of the Senate, he said.

Saeed Ghani said that Senator Farooq Naek was the polling agent who along with his colleagues were repeatedly told by the Secretary Senate that the stamp should be applied anywhere in the box. He said that PPP Senators specifically asked Secretary Senate that if the stamp is over the name of the candidate then would it be valid so he said that it will be perfectly all right. Then Secretary Senate said that the presiding officer is over ruling him. Ghani said that Secretary Senate is also involved in the rigging and he should tell that who installed those spy cameras? He demanded the dismissal of Secretary Senate and to put him in jail. The instructions which were pasted also say that the stamp should be in the box containing candidates names. There was only one box for each candidate so the voters could stamp anywhere in the box. The instructions were issued by the Senate Secretariat in Urdu and English both. The seven votes which were illegally rejected by the presiding officer, Muzaffar Shah contained stamp within the box of Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani. He said that the perception that voters intentionally wasted their votes is totally incorrect because if they wanted to waste their votes there were several other ways they could have done that.

Ghani said that the decision to approach courts will be taken by the leadership with the consultation of PDM leaders. Muzaffar Shah by his unconstitutional ruling has ruined his reputation if he had any. He concluded by saying that the PTI is a blot on the democracy of the country.