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Islamabad, 13 April 13, 2021: “Unbelievable that the Council of Common Interest could validate a massive fraud in the shape of Census 2017 against the right of people of Sindh to be counted correctly”, said Senator Taj Haider Member PPP Core Committee in a Press Statement issued today against the validation of the provisional figures of Census by the CCI.

Senator Taj Haider reminded that all parties of the Senate had signed an agreement for a recount in 5% population blocks and the correction of the Census figures.  This agreement also bears the signatures of Senator Azam Swati who at that time was Parliamentary leader of the PTI.

The agreement of all leaders of parliamentary parties of the Senate to correct Census figures concluded with the then Prime Minister Mr. Shahid Khakan Abbasi in chair was a trick played against Sindh by the PML (N) government in order to get the 24th Amendment passed. The present Government instead of implementing that agreement is promising fresh census in 2023 which is yet another deception. No one in his right mind can trust this Government.  Sindh is not prepared to be deceived twice on the same issue. This Government has come to power through an electoral fraud and its record shows that it wants to perpetuate every fraud against the people of Pakistan.

In spite of the Chief Minister Sindh reminding the other CCI members again and again that migrants from other provinces into Sindh had been counted in the fraudulent Census in their original provinces and not in Sindh, the CCI opted for the first time in history to take decisions with majority vote and not by consensus.

The real population of Sindh counted in different surveys by internationally accepted de-facto method is around 62 million and not 47 million as counted by the anti-Sindh de-jure method. The loss of representation and divisible resources due to this fraud can never be ignored or forgotten by the people of Sindh. Even livestock animals are counted correctly, why not us Sindhis?

Senator Taj Haider pointed out that going back on written and signed agreements between the Provinces cuts at the roots of the Federation which is a much greater loss for all those who have been struggling for the strengthening of the Federation. Let everyone know that Pakistan People’s Party shall not take this injustice lying down. The Senator appealed every patriotic Pakistani and specially those who had signed the All Parties Agreement for the correction of Census figures to condemn this injustice and to join the PPP in its struggle against this fascist Government.