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Pakistan Peoples Party’s Senators Palwasha Khan and Rubina Khalid addressed a press conference in Islamabad on Saturday.

Senator Palwasha Khan said that strict conditions were set by the IMF hence there is a storm of inflation in the country and the government has further increased the price of electricity. People are standing in lines and the Prime Minister was alone at a dummy stall. In this situation I and the nation have reservations about the IMF deal. Shaukat Tareen is also saying that the conditions of IMF are cruel. People here are suffering from inflation and unemployment and the so-called Mujahid is on a visit to Saudi Arabia.

She said that the next budget will also be dictated by the IMF. The government has come up with a new way of begging. We want to ask Sania Nishtar that who has given permission to the banks to loot and plunder the poor people of Pakistan.

She said that Kashmir has already surrendered to India and why the parliament is not being taken into confidence. On what basis has Modi become our brother? The US Secretary of State calls the Army Chief and if anyone else has something to say, he calls the Army Chief as well. What is Imran Khan getting paid for? Shah Mehmood Qureshi says he is going to set new milestones with India and Afghanistan. Are we a conquered nation which is why Parliament is not being taken into confidence? India infiltrated a few days ago, soldiers were martyred by firing from Afghanistan.

Senator Khan said that Shahzad Akbar’s conspiracy has come to light in the Supreme Court. Shehzad Akbar wants to have a tragedy like Bangladesh in Pakistan. Shahzad Akbar is doing what was done in Bangladesh. This man first attacked the Supreme Court, now he is attacking the provinces. Jahangir Tareen was given NRO while cases are being initiated against Asif Ali Zardari. On what basis is a reference being made against Zardari? Shahzad Akbar’s scandal has broken out, the conspiracy against the judiciary has failed. The President, Prime Minister, Farogh Naseem and Shehzad Akbar should have resigned but instead today Sindh has been attacked. She demanded investigation against Shahzad Akbar.

First Hafeez Sheikh said that talks were held on better terms but then inflation and unemployment increased. What were the conditions of the IMF that the economy sank and the people were crushed by inflation. Those conditions should come before parliament because the IMF rejected their request for review. Chicken and tomatoes became 93% more expensive and milk 20% more expensive. On January 31, Imran Khan said that now the people will get the relief but in May the inflation went up to 12%.

Senator Rubina Khalid said that this is such a failed government that it cannot even give sugar and flour to the people. It is a tragedy that there is no end to the exploitation of the poor. Imran Khan says that no one will sleep hungry. Explain what will happen to his family if he eats food after having begged for it and injuring his self-esteem, she asked. Ministers do not know how to talk to the government officials nor do they have the capacity to solve public problems. Chief Minister Pakhtunkhwa and his team do not know anything except for holding photo sessions. If the Provincial Health Minister himself is attending Iftar dinners, then who will follow the SOPs, she asked. Private hospitals are receiving Rs 30,000 per patient daily. What good is the health card? This is a way of spending public hospital funds and strengthening private hospitals. For God’s sake, have mercy on the people, you have done nothing so far for the poor people.