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Islamabad, 10 June 2021: Speaking at the National Assembly, the Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party appealed to the Speaker NA that he should assure the members that he will run the House and the Standing Committees in such a manner that we the members can resolve the issues facing people and not increase their problems.

Chairman Bilawal said that the issue under discussion is a very important for all of us. Pakistan is already a polarised society that we in the TV shows physically fight with each other. If we want to solve people’s problems then the treasury benches will have to listen to the opposition’s point of view. One sided legislations will be weak. In the entire world both treasury and opposition point of views are listened to. We want a legislation with good points from the government and opposition both. Such legislations will be able to solve problems of the Pakistani people. If you do not listen to us and not allow us to speak, you will pass the bill in the Standing Committees by force and then table in the NA, will be snatching our rights.

Chairman Bilawal said that the governments want to introduce electronic voting machines in the name of electoral reforms. We all want to give voting rights to the oversees Pakistanis and we all want to do that but this is very important bill. There could be many consequences of this bill. We have to discuss this bill in detail. The oversees living abroad do not know the problems of constituencies. They can have their own constituency and members. He should not compete a Pakistani in the constituency rather have their own constituency and compete with other Pakistanis abroad and represent overseas Pakistanis.

Regarding electronic voting machines, Chairman Bilawal said that can you guarantee that India and RAW will not be able to hack our machines and change the results. If the government has taken measures to protect the votes then the opposition should be informed about that. He said that if the government wanted to give Kulbhushan Jadhav any relief then why you gave the relief through an ordinance in the darkness of the night. If the government wanted to reach a consensus on the issue it could have consulted the opposition but did not do so. You wanted to be an ambassador of Kashmir but emerged as the counsel of Jadhav. The government should give us time to read and discuss the issue so that we can tell people in the constituency that why it was essential to pass any bill and the bill to provide relief to Kulbhushan Jadhav. It is the right of fishermen to give his point of view about any bill about maritime and we should take views of the people living in the coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan.