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Islamabad, 3 July 2021: Senior PPP leader and Sindh education minister Saeed Ghani challenged the NAB officials to arrest him and said that he would go to the NAB office on Monday with two pairs of clothes. What kind of magic Haleem Adil Sheikh has that NAB people get annoyed when I mention his name. Why NAB does not act against the people involved in the biggest wheat scandal, sugar scandal and medicine scandals in the country, he asked. Why are the NAB people silent on government scandals? When we ask them, they start filing cases against us. He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Sindh House in Islamabad on Saturday. Nazir Dhoki was with him at the press conference.

Sindh Minister Saeed Ghani has demanded action against Haleem Adil Sheikh. Chairman NAB Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal is being blackmailed on the basis of a video. NAB chairman is nowhere to be found after video. When I spoke, action was taken against me. The government itself is blackmailing the NAB and influencing every case. After my statement, an investigation has been called against me. Saeed Ghani said that Haleem Adil Sheikh does not have the video of NAB Chairman. Why is Haleem Adil Sheikh’s name not being included in the ECL? Saeed Ghani challenged that if the NAB arrests him, he will not apply for bail. He will go to the NAB office with two or three pair of clothes.

He said that the biggest wheat scandal in the country has come to light. Why are the NAB people silent on this wheat scandal? Ali Zafar has been the lawyer of Sugar Mills. Wheat scandal report has not come yet and it seems that the government has suppressed this report. What have the NAB people done on the government’s mega corruption scandal including drug prices, flour scandal and sugar scandal? When we ask NAB, it starts filing cases against us.

Saeed Ghani offered his arrest to the NAB and said that he would go to the NAB office on Monday. He said that he would go to the NAB office alone and would not go in a procession. Has Haleem Adil Sheikh a video of NAB chairman hence no action is being taken against him but on the contrary, those who make allegations against Sheikh are being threatened, he asked. He said that NAB Karachi has written a letter to NAB headquarters in which there is an inquiry report of land grabbing against Haleem Adil Sheikh but no action was taken on this report.

Opposition people are caught on only charges, which is NAB’s nexus with Niazi. The government is blackmailing NAB chairman by showing a video. NAB asked to take action under section 31 but this section does not apply to me in any case but this section 31 applies to NAB’s own people. I have been talking against NAB chairman for so long, no investigation has been called but when I talk about action against Haleem Adil Sheikh, NAB does not do anything against Sheikh but orders action against the claimant, Saeed Ghani said.