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Haveli/Islamabad, 8 July 2021: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari addressed a huge public gathering at Haveli in connection with the Azad Kashmir election campaign of his party. He said that this is the place where Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had addressed a huge public gathering in 1974. At that time the soldier of the Party Mumtaz Rathore was with him and then he proved to be a loyal brother of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Today Faisal Rathore is here to continue his father’s struggle with the PPP.

Chairman Bilawal said that no one can finish the PPP. The Quaid-e-Awam fought for the Kashmir cause at every front. We have a relation going back three generations. He always raised voice for the people’s rights. He was the one who had said that we will fight for Kashmir for a thousand years. He was the chairman of OIC. He gave Pakistan nuclear capability. When he used to gve a call for strike everything on both sides of the border used to close down. His daughter, Mohtarma Benazir had said that where the Kashmiris will shed their sweat we will shed our blood. The Kashmiri people always supported her. She provided employment for men and women.

It is unfortunate that our current prime minister is a puppet, selected and incapable. He responded to the historic attack on Kashmir by saying “What can I do?”. If Quaid-e-Awam was there today he would have gone to the United States with the Kashmir case. The response of the puppet was to rename the Kashmir Highway as Srinagar Highway and changing his own map with his own pen. Imran Khan did not fulfil the aspirations of Kashmiri people. We all have one slogan that “no compromise is accepted on Kashmir. We do not take dictation from Delhi or Islamabad, rather from you. Quaid-e-Awam slogan was “Hamara Naara Sab pe Bhari, Rai Shumari, Rai Shumari”. We do not want a prime minister who prays for Modi’s success in elections nor a prime minister who invites Modi to wedding celebrations. This PM Khan was a polling agent of Gen. Musharraf and Modi. The PPP is the only party which cannot compromise on Kashmir as it was founded on the issue of Kashmir. We believe in the United Nations’ resolutions.

Chairman PPP said that the real face of Imran Khan’s change is historic poverty, price hike and unemployment. The PPP also increased salaries by 120 percent, pensions by 100 percent and for the soldiers fighting terrorism by 175 percent. On 25th July the Jiyala Prime Minister will be elected and his first measure will be to increase salaries and pensions. The PPP introduced BISP during the worst recession in the world. This Ehsas programme is nothing but the BISP. PM Khan has also stolen our foreign policy. Imran is lying by saying that he will not provide air bases to the United States because this decision of not providing air bases was taken by the parliament during the PPP government. Bhutto’s slogan was “Maang Raha Hai Har Insan, Roti Kapra aur Makan” but this puppet is snatching all these things from the poor people. This country will not progress until we do not look after our growers, labourers and youth. The Jiyalas have already defeated the puppet along with other parties and Faisal Rathore has won from this constituency. Chairman Bilawal said that Rathore will fulfil the PPP project to build an expressway from Islamabad to Kashmir. This will be a gift to you from the PPP.

Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that he is in the field to complete the mission of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. The Jiyalas have to chase out not only the puppet from Kashmir but other parties as well. I just ask the other party not to become a cat who runs away but a lion who faces the adversaries. He said that the PPP has always sided with the people and the people will vote for the PPP on 25 July.