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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Central Secretary Information, Faisal Karim Kundi addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Wednesday has said that federal minister, Ali Amin Gandapur has used insulting language against PPP leadership but we warn him and all those like him to shut their mouth otherwise we will respond in a way that they will not be able to hide anywhere in Pakistan. The father of the selected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, was kicked out of job for corruption. Faisal Karim Kundi said that Ali Amin Gandapur has used vulgar words about Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto which we strongly condemn. If Gandapur has the courage, let the nation know the details of Ikramullah Niazi who was expelled from the job on the charges of corruption. The father of Amin Gandapur was involved in Attock conspiracy case.

Kundi warned Imran Niazi and his people that we will do as they do, we will abuse more than they can think of and all the hired government spokespersons will run away, but those who are left behind we will hold them accountable. PTI and Imran Niazi have forgotten all morals in the hatred of Bhutto. Needless to say, Ali Amin has been charged with murder of his own party’s provincial minister. Imran Niazi talks about Madina state, when the family of Israr Gandapawa will get justice, he asked.

Bilawal Bhutto’s visit to the United States is being wailed by the entire government. The rulers are claiming that Bilawal Bhutto has taken his CV with him. When Imran Khan went to America, did he also take his CV, Kundi asked. The PPP always came to power through public mandate, when PPP came to power, terrorism was on the rise in the country, the state in which Musharraf left the country is not hidden from anyone. Due to the sacrifices of the PPP and security forces, there is peace in Swat today.

Kundi said that the PTI has destroyed KP in its 8 years rule. What is the condition of hospitals in KP? After the rain everyone witnessed the condition of Abbottabad Hospital. He said that Ali Amin Gandapur did not know anything about Kashmir. Everyone knows what is the business of Ali Amin Gandapur. Imran Khan had said that he will become ambassador of Kashmir but he became an advocates of Kulbhushan Jhadav.

Kundi said that the PPP will fight the elections with full force in Kashmir. Government spokespersons say that PPP has 8 candidates in Kashmir. We have 43 candidates in Kashmir. Government spokespersons start telling lies from morning till night. The Minister of Kashmir does not even know whether Kulbhushan Jhadav is in Pakistan or not. They do not know what Kashmir is. There is no precedent for the way the Election Commission is being disrespected in Pakistan and Kashmir. The next prime minister of Kashmir will be a Jiyala, Kundi said.