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Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari press conference

Islamabad, 3 March 2021: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari along with the Senator elect Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani held a press conference at Zardari House Islamabad and said that Prime Minister Imran Khan should now resign honorably as not only the people of Pakistan but his own members have deserted him. He thanked all the parties in the PDM for supporting Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that this is a new era in Pakistan’s democratic journey. I am going to meet the Opposition Leader Mian Shahbaz Sharif too. This election isn’t only about one seat because all of Pakistan has voted for this seat. Imran Khan now should resign. Imran Khan and PTIMF’s failed economic policy has been rejected by the national assembly. We will decide ourselves when to use then option of no confidence motion. Responding to a question regarding the next step that is to be taken, Chairman PPP said that we will decide everything together in the PDM. Responding to another question regarding neutrality of the establishment he said that I think what is the most important is that we have won. PDM has won through the votes of the members of Pakistan’s assemblies. They say that Imran Khan was a big sportsman, and in sports you have an honorable and dishonorable defeat, so I think Imran Khan should not throw such tantrums.

Chairman PPP said that if you are not in the battlefield to begin with, winning is not even in question. I thank PDM and am grateful to my party members who have supported us, and have succeeded in doing so. We want the supremacy of democracy and for every institution to do its own job, when an institution will do another’s work then there will be issues.

Regarding difficulties faced by the people Chairman Bilawal said Pakistani people understand that the burden they’re carrying right now, in the form of power, utility bills and essential commodities, is because of Imran Kahn’s incompetence. Our goal right now is for this puppet government to go home so that people can be provided with some relief. This government, till now, has only tortured the people.

As far as resignation is concerned, the whole PDM had a consensus that they would provide the resignations of all their members before the start of this year to the party leadership and we have done that. We have contested in the elections together, and we will be united in the future as well. PPP knows that elections are rigged, and we know that losing and winning is a part of it, but we should also have an equal playing field for everyone. We believe that if there is an even playing field, the Pakistani people can elect representatives who are able to solve their issues. If the night before the election, your opponent tries to get your candidate disqualified, you already expect their loss which is apparent by their desperate efforts, as they are propaganda experts.

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PPPP Secretary General Farhatullah Babar has issued the following statement on Senate election

Islamabad March 3, 2021: I wish to congratulate Yousuf Raza Gilani, the PPP Senators-elect from Sindh and indeed all other senators-elect throughout the country who have won election to the upper House Wednesday. Their win is the win of democratic process, of political engagement more than the win of any individual.

Election to the Senate and the bye election a few days earlier to the National and provincial Assemblies have not only strengthening democratic process but also vindicated the position taken by the PPP that political parties make use of every democratic process in fight against fascist tendencies. All forums namely elections, the Parliament, the courts and by reaching out to the people directly must be availed in a democratic spirit.

The principled stand taken by Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in this regard has been vindicated loud and clear.

I have lost the Senate electoral contest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Win and loss is part of the election process and there are no complaints and no grouse against anyone. I wish good luck to all those who won in the electoral contest against me in the province. I should like to believe that those who voted for the winning candidates in the KPK did so by their own free will and call of their conscience.

I also thank the Party Chairman for giving me the Party ticket. I also wish to thank the provincial PPP chapter, members of Provincial Parliamentary Party and all those MPAs from other parties who voted for me in the election.

I hope that the PTI will likewise accept the welcome the victory of Yousuf Raza Gilani in Islamabad as an expression of free will and call of conscience of the voters and not impute any ulterior motives to those who voted for Gilani.

The fight for democracy and constitutionalism will continue. The fight for correcting civil-military imbalance, banishing deep state from interfering in politics, bringing intelligence agencies under the ambit of legislation, criminalizing enforced disappearances, across the board accountability of all including generals and judges and protecting rights of the marginalized and minorities will continue on other platforms even if the platform of parliament may not be available to me”.

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No place to escape for Imran Khan

Islamabad, 2 March 2021: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has congratulated the nation on the success of the PDM’s effort to dislodge the government and said that whatever is to be achieved tomorrow will be a bonus.

Chairman PPP said this while talking to the media in Islamabad on Tuesday evening. He said that goal of the movement of the opposition is to restore democracy and to raise the issues of the people. This government is not solving any of the issues faced by the people of Pakistan; it is not even solving the issues of its own members and allies. Imran Khan is perplexed now that he is going home. We have been successful which is why the government is running a campaign of character assassination. Imran Khan cannot control his own members.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that we will get up early in the morning and will cast our votes early. We are contesting the Senate elections on political relations. We are not using money to get votes. In fact, the government’s members are talking to media channels and admitting that MNAs have been promised Rs. 50 crores by Imran Khan in the parliamentary party meeting of PTI. Imran Khan is using state money for his own politics. We are succeeding in getting the vote of conscience from PTI and its allies.

He said that when the question of Imran Khan using state money was asked for his political gains, the Supreme Court then did not stop Imran Khan from doing so, rather the judge who raised the question was stopped from performing his duties. Just today, they tortured their own members in the Sindh Assembly because they had openly said that they will not vote for the PTI candidates because they had been awarded party tickets on the basis of money. Insha Allah, we will give you good news tomorrow.

Replying to the questions by the journalists, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the PTI is threatening their own members and trying to keep them in line. He asked Prime Minister Imran Khan why he is so panicked about the situation. He is panicking because he has become aware that he has lost the confidence of not only the people of Pakistan but also of his own members. Now, there is no place to escape for Imran Khan.

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Imran Khan’s spokespersons must get an English tutor

Islamabad, 2 March 2021: Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar has said that he hopes that after the announcement by the Election Commission of Pakistan that Senate elections will be held through secret ballot, the PTI must felt satisfied.

Senator Khokhar said that the opinion of Supreme Court was in English language hence the government declared it as its victory. Now, the selected must know the difference between elected and selected. If Imran Khan’s spokespersons still do not understand the opinion then they should hire a tutor for English language. Senator Khokhar said that Imran Khan should read the writing on the wall because his defeat is certain.

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Independent MNA Syed Ali Nawaz Shah to vote for Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani

Islamabad, 1 March 2021: Independent member national assembly from Mirpurkhas Sindh, Syed Ali Nawaz Shah has said that he will vote for the PDM candidate in Senate from Islamabad, Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani in the upcoming Senate elections.

Chairman PPP, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani called on Ali Nawaz Shah at his residence in Islamabad and requested him to vote for Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani in the Senate elections. Syed Ali Nawaz Shah said that he respects Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and his vote is on his disposal. He assured Bilawal Bhitto Zardari that he will vote for Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani in the Senate elections.

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PPP urges ECP to stop governors from taking part in Senate election campaign

Islamabad, 1 March 2021: Secretary General Pakistan Peoples Party, Syed Nayyer Hussain Bukhari has urged the Chief Election Commissioner to stop governors of provinces from taking part in the Senate election campaign.

Syed Nayyer Hussain Bukhari in a letter addressed to the CEC has said that according to the ECP notification, president and governor are not allowed to take part in elections. The notification by the ECP issued on 25 February 2021, says “The president and the governors of the provinces shall not take part in election campaign relating to election to the Senate in any manner whatsoever and shall not use their respective offices as well as houses in connection therewith”.

Bukhari wrote that there are many instances where it is reported in the media that governors are holding meetings with various candidates for the Senate elections at their offices and houses.

He urged the CEC to instruct the governors to strictly observe the code of conduct and desist from using their offices and houses in connection with the Senate elections.

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PPP hails Supreme Court verdict in the Presidential reference

Islamabad March 01, 2021: Pakistan People’s Party has welcomed the verdict on Monday morning of the Supreme Court in the Presidential reference seeking opinion of the apex Court on the question of voting in senate election.

In a statement Secretary General of the Party Farhatullah Babar hailed the verdict as “triumph of law, justice and Constitutionalism”. It is also a vindication of the position taken by the Pakistan People’s Party in the Supreme Court on the issue, he said.

The PPP deplored that the PTI government abused the office of the President into filing the Presidential reference and then in making the President’s office also issue an ordinance even before the verdict was pronounced and the Court was already seized of the matter. Never before legislation had been sought to be done through what has come to be known as ‘anticipatory ordinance’, he said.

Farhatullah Babar said that it was no less deplorable that the President also signed on the dotted line of the advice sent to him in filing reference under the Constitution before the Supreme Court as well as in issuing an ‘anticipatory ordinance’ without applying his mind and without asking any questions from the government. The office of the President of Pakistan is and ought to be much more than merely an ordinance making workshop he said. .

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Spokesmen of puppet government are talking gibberish

Islamabad, 1 March 2021: Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar has said that the government has been miserably defeated before the Senate elections as the Supreme Court has given its opinion that the Senate elections will be held according to the constitution that is by the secret ballot.

Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khohar in a statement has said that the government wanted to avoid the Senate elections but failed. It is so ridiculous that the government spokesmen are declaring this opinion as their victory. The Supreme Court has responded in negative about the question by the government. These spokesmen have no answer to the questions like has the Supreme Court asked to hold the Senate elections by show of hands as the government wanted. They also do not have the answer to the question that is the Presidential order effective after the Supreme Court’s opinion.

Senator Khokhar said that 3 March is the day of victory of Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani and defeat of the candidate of the selected Prime Minister. This puppet government will be defeated in the Senate election similar to the defeats in Bye-elections, Senator Khokhar concluded.

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Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians held intra-party elections

Islamabad, 10 January 2021: Pakistan peoples Party Parliamentarians held its intra-party elections. Asif Ali Zardari was elected as the President Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians.

Other elected office bearers include Farhatullah Babar as Secretary General, Shazia Atta Marri MNA as Secretary Information and Saleem Mandviwala as Secretary Finance.