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Our Achievements

By amending the National Command Authority Ordinance, President Asif Ali Zardari has taken another important step forward to implement the Charter of Democracy (CoD) in its letter and spirit. According to the ordinance, the president has delegated decision-making powers of the NCA to the prime minister. Democratic institutions and parliamentary democracy was strengthening in the country, however, it was being wrongly portrayed by some groups having vested interests as weakening of the PPP-led government. Dispelling the impression by some news analysts with regard to the amendment to the NCA as the surrender of power by the president. Initiative was the fulfillment of the PPP’s manifesto inspired by the dreams of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto as well as the guiding principles of the CoD. The government was working to achieve the roadmap agreed by the two main political parties of the country in the Charter of Democracy, signed by Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif on May 14, 2006, in London.

Promise: A Sound Debt Policy Delivered

  • Debt to GDP ratio has been maintained in accordance with the Fiscal
  • esponsibility Act
  • Exports crossed a historic benchmark of 25 billion dollars
  • Restructuring of eight state-owned enterprises

Promise: Containing Inflation Delivered

  • Inflation touched highest ever mark of 25% in 2008 due to expansionary policies of the outgoing government but it has been brought back in single digit through a combination of prudent fiscal and monitory policies
  • The Competition Act, 2010
  • The Islamabad Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act,2010
  • The General Statistics (Reorganization) Act, 2011

Promise: Establishing A Fair Tax System Delivered

  • Distortions in General Sales Tax regime were gradually eliminated resulting in doubling tax collection during four years
  • Operationalizing the office of the Federal Tax Ombudsman
  • Tax exemption limits were increased from Rs 100,000 to Rs 400,000 benefitting millions of low income tax payers
  • The Federal Board of Revenue (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Federal Board of Revenue (Amendment) Act, 2010

Promise: Targeted Poverty Programs Delivered

  • Established Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) as a comprehensive poverty alleviation initiative. The program is based on scientific targeting system, cash transfers to women, microcredit, skill enhancement and health insurance
  • Revitalization of Pakistan Baitulmaal
  • Opening of utility outlets in every union council to provide basic food items to people at subsidized rates

Promise: Combating Unemployment Delivered

  • Internship for 100,000 holders of Masters degrees
  • Employment Commission has been established to create employment opportunities in the private and public sectors.
  • 660,000 workers sent abroad in four years for foreign jobs resulting in doubling of foreign remittances
  • Reinstatement of sacked employees
  • Regularization of contractual employees
  • The National Vocational and Technical Education Commission Act, 2008 Self employment initiatives of Waseela-e-Haq and Waseela-e-Rozgar under BISP
  • Awami Rozgar Scheme of National Bank of Pakistan

Promise: Just Labor Policies Delivered

  • Thoroughly revised Industrial Relations Act to enhance labor protection Changed privatization policy to provide shares and board representation to the employees of the public sector enterprises through Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme (BESOS)
  • Minimum wage enhanced from Rs. 4600 to Rs.8000 Lifting of ban on trade unions
  • Thousands of sacked workers reinstated through Sacked Employees (Reinstatement) Act, 2010
  • Thousands of contractual employees regularized
  • The Pakistan International Airline Corporation (Suspension of Trade Unions and Existing Agreements) Order (Repeal) Act, 2008
  • The Federal Employees Benevolent Fund and Group Insurance (Amendment) Act, 2010
  • Salaries increased by 150%, benefitting Government employees.

Promise: Accelerating Agriculture And Rural Growth Delivered

  • Food security achieved through record production of wheat and rice as a result of market based support prices
  • The Cotton Standardization (Amendment) Act, 2008
  • Benazir Tractor Scheme
  • Small loans for farmers
  • Subsidy on fertilizer and seed
  • Rs 800 billion additional income in rural areas

Promise: Private Sector As Engine Of Growth Delivered

  • The Stock Exchanges (Corporatisation, Demutualization and Integration) Act, 2008
  • The stock market has begun to improve. The index has crossed 15500, compared to around 7000 in 2009
  • The Anti- Dumping Duties (Amendment) Act, 2008
  • The Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan (Re-organization and Conversion) Act, 2009
  • The Boilers and Pressure Vessels (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Anti-Dumping Duties (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2009
  • The Banking Companies (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Modarba Companies and Modarba (Floatation and Control (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Patents (Amendment) Act, 2010
  • The Recognition and Enforcement (Arbitration Agreements and Foreign Arbitral Awards) Act, 2010
  • The Arbitration (International Investment Disputes) Act, 2010
  • The Banking Companies (Amendment) Act, 2010
  • The Banks (Nationalization) (Amendment) Act, 2010
  • The State Bank of Pakistan (Amendment) Act, 2010

Promise: Growth-inducing Transport Infrastructure Development Delivered

  • Government spent 2200 billion rupees on development programs Railway track between Lahore and Lalamusa and between Rawalpindi and Peshawar being doubled
  • Islamabad Peshawar Motorway completed
  • Faisalabad Khanewal Motorway nearing completion
  • Work on Gwadar Ratodero Motorway expedited
  • The Carriage by Air Act, 2010
  • The Carriage by Air Act, 2011
  • Teledensity increased from 58% in 2008 to 68% in 2012

Promise: Ensuring Energy Infrastructure, Ensuring Water Security Delivered

  • Started work on Diamer-Bhasha Dam Expedited work on Neelum-Jhelum Hydro power Projects
  • Underground gasification at Thar Coal Project started and further exploration commissioned
  • Completed repair of three units of Tarbela Dam and tendering process initiated for Tarbela 4th Extension Project
  • Completed Chashma Nuclear Power Project 2 and start of phase 3 and 4 Completed Mangla Dam Raising Project and utilized the enhanced capacity
  • Completed Mirani Dam
  • Completed Allai Khwar Power Project
  • Wet Commissioning of Jinnah Hydropower Project at Chashma Satpara Dam 99& completed
  • Duber Khwar and Gomal Zam Dam being completed in six months Initiated small dams projects
  • Rs. 1.1 trillion subsidy provided to power sector for keeping consumer bills reasonable
  • The Private Power and Infrastructure Board Act, 2010
  • The Private Power and Infrastructure Board Act, 2011
  • The Regulation of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power (Amendment) Act, 2010
  • First solar grid installed
  • Import of electricity from Iran, India and Tajikistan
  • 3700 MW added to the national grid
  • Decisive movement on Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline
  • Agreements signed for Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan India Gas Pipeline
  • Massive LNG imports from Qatar and India negotiated
  • Aggressive new explorations of oil and gas
  • The Alternative Energy Development Board Act, 2010
  • The Gas Infrastructure and Development Act, 2011
  • The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Amendment) Act, 2008
  • The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (Amendment) Act, 2007
  • The Petroleum Products (Petroleum Levy) (Amendment) Act, 2011
  • President Asif Ali Zardari visited Iran for the groundbreaking ceremony of the $7.5 Billion Gas Pipeline from Iran to Pakistan on March 11, 2013. “The completion of the pipeline is in the interests of peace, security and progress of the two countries … it will also consolidate the economic, political and security ties of the two nations,” the two presidents (of Iran and Pakistan) said in a joint statement.

Promise: Student Unions Delivered

  • Lifting of ban on student unions

Promise: Universal Primary Education Higher Education Delivered

  • Sectoral governance of education has been completely devolved to provinces under 18th amendment ensuring delivery at peoples door step
  • After fiscal devolution, provincial budget spending on education increased manifold. Federal fiscal transfer to the provinces enabled provinces to increase allocation for education sector.
  • Insertion of Article 25A making education compulsory for all and subsequent legislation.
  • Bet increase resulting in enhanced enrolment.
  • Realignment of higher education commission in the spirit of 18th amendment.
  • Long standing demand by provinces to decentralize curriculum has been approved by the Parliament. All provinces except Punjab included human rights issues in their respective curriculum
  • Enhancement of women representation at the top leadership positions in the education sector e.g. 6 women vice chancellors
  • Education policy 2010.
  • The National Defence University Act, 2009
  • The NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology Multan Act, 2009
  • The Pakistan Institute of Development Economics Act, 2009
  • The Degree Awarding Status to Dawood College of Engineering and
  • Technology, Karachi Act, 2010
  • The National University of Modern Languages (Amendment) Act, 2011
  • The Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University Islamabad Act, 2011
  • The National School of Public Policy (Amendment) Act, 2010

Promise: Lady Health Workers (LHW) Program Delivered

  • LHW program expanded and number of LHW has been enhanced to 100000

Promise: Shelter Delivered

  • Housing schemes worth Rs.2 billion for the poor and government servants
  • Benazir Village Scheme
  • New City Zulfiqarabad
  • One million houses for poor
  • Shelter for IDPs and flood affectees
  • Colonies for the laborers

Promise: Media Campaigns On Preventive Health Drug Policy Reforms Delivered

  • Health devolution and consequent increase in provincial budget.
  • Frequent media campaigns on polio vaccination, safe blood transfusion, maternal & child health, etc.
  • With strong commitment by Miss Asifa Bhutto Zardari, UN Ambassador for eradication of Polio from Pakistan, Polio has been eradicated from 98% of Pakistan.
  • The Medical and Dental Council (Amendment) Act, 2009 (Amendment of sections 2,3,4,5 etc. and insertion of new sections 20A, 22A, 22B etc.)
  • The Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act, 2009
  • Transgender Rights.
  • Senior Citizens Act 2009
  • Revitalization of the population control program
  • Prime Minister’s National Health Complex

Promise: Women’s Legislation Delivered

  • The Prevention of Anti-Women Practices (Criminal Law Amendment) Act, 2008
  • The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, 2008
  • The Family Courts (Amendment) Act, 2008
  • The Guardians and Wards (Amendment) Act, 2008
  • The Protection against Harassment at the Workplace Act, 2009
  • The Women in Distress and Detention Fund (Amendment) Act, 2010
  • The National Commission for Women Act, 2011
  • The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2010 (earlier coined as the Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Act, 2010)
  • Independent National Commission on the Status of Women has been set up after approval of the Parliament.
  • Safeguards for inheritance rights
  • Legislation under process for criminalizing domestic violence

Promise: Women’s Employment Job Quota For Women In Public Sector Delivered

  • Allocation of 10% quotas for women in all jobs
  • Increase in women’s job quota in civil service
  • Microcredit for women under BISP
  • Allotment of 12.5 acre Agri land to landless Hari women in Sindh.
  • Extension and implementation of the Jafakash Aurat Project (2009-11)
  • Girls Education Initiative was launched to narrow the gender gap in Primary & Secondary Education

Promise: Freedom Of Press : Press Complaints Commission : Private Sector Media Growth Delivered

  • Insertion of article 19A in the Constitution as fundamental right guaranteeing access to information.
  • Repeal of PEMRA Ordinance 2007
  • Pakistan Press council was reactivated.
  • Council of Complaints was established in Islamabad, Punjab, KP, Balochistan, Sindh and Gilgit Baltistan for lodging complaints against electronic media
  • Unprecedented freedom of expression was ensured. Demonstration of democratic patience towards media criticism.
  • Growth of TV channels and FM radio stations

Promise: Eco National Calamities & Disaster Management Authority Delivered

  • The Pakistan Trade Control of Wild Fauna and Flora Act, 2010
  • “Carbon Sequestration Project” to increase the forest-covered area of the country
  • The Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority Act, 2010
  • The National Disaster Management Act, 2010

Promise: Charter of Democracy Provincial Autonomy Delivered

  • 90% of COD commitments have been implemented
  • The Constitution (Eighteenth Amendment) Act, 2010
  • The Constitution (Nineteenth Amendment) Act, 2010
  • The unanimous passage of 18th,19th and 20th amendments has restored a genuine parliamentary system.
  • Governance structure and inter governmental relationship have been reformed.
  • Foundation of consociational politics has been laid down through expanding role of CCI on shared responsibility.
  • In accordance with the principles laid down by SMBB in manifesto of PPP, long standing fiscal disparities between provinces have been addressed through equitable formula of distribution under 7th NFC.
  • Gilgit-Baltistan Empowerment & Self-Governance Order, 2009
  • Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochoistan
  • Abolition of the concurrent list
  • Abolition of 17th ministries at federal level
  • Equal entitlement of provinces on natural resources.
  • Transfer of 100 plus intuitions to provinces.
  • Transfer of recurring projects and budgets to provinces.
  • Devolving social sector and other essential service delivery functions.
  • 11,500 jobs financed by federal government have been created in Balochistan

The Representation of the People (Amendment) Act, 2008 Promise: Rule of Law Judicial Reforms Delivered

  • Judicial appointments made transparent through collegiums of judges and a parliamentary committee
  • The National Commission for Human Rights Act, 2011
  • The Public Defender and Legal Aid Office Act, 2009
  • The Public Defender and Legal Aid Office Act, 2009
  • The Islamabad High Court Act, 2010
  • The Islamabad High Court (Amendment) Act, 2011

Promise: Electoral Reforms Delivered

  • An independent Election Commission has been established after constitutional amendments and a reputed former judge has been appointed as Chief Election Commissioner with consensus
  • The Delimitation of Constituencies (Amendment) Act, 2011
  • The Election Laws (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Election Laws (Amendment) Act, 2011
  • The Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services Act, 2008

Promise: Local Government Delivered

  • Local government has exclusively been assigned to provincial

Promise: Civil Service Reforms Delivered

  • The Removal from Service (Special Powers) Ordinance, 2000 (Repeal) Act, 2010
  • Service Tribunals (Amendment) Act, 2010
  • The National School of Public Policy (Amendment) Act, 2010

Promise: FATA Reforms Delivered

  • Abolition of FCR
  • Extension of Political Parties Act to FATA

Promise: Minorities Delivered

  • The Government has earmarked a quota of 5% for minorities’ representation in federal services
  • Reservation of four seats for minorities in Senate
  • Christians will be called as “MASIHI” instead of “ESSAHI”

Promise: Culture Delivered

  • The Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Act, 2009

Promise: Kashmir, Relations with India, Afghanistan, Terrorism and Defense Delivered

  • Comprehensive reappraisal of foreign policy , relations with the super powers, policy on war on terror and national security doctrine by the Parliament.
  • Establishment of Parliamentary Committee on National Security.
  • Resumption of Pak-India Composite Dialogue including Kashmir and Water Disputes
  • Positive lists replaced with negative lists to boost Pak India trade.
  • Tripartite Initiative on Afghanistan
  • Friends of Democratic Pakistan War Against Terrorism—Operations Rah-e-Rast and Rah-e-Nijat
  • The National Command Authority Act, 2009
  • Government introduced the Three D policy of Dialogue, Deterrence, Development
  • Currency swap arrangements with China, Russia, Turkey, Jordan and Iran
  • Afghanistan Pakistan Trade Agreement (APTTA)
  • Revamping of relations with Russia.